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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Miele do Grand Designs Live

Miele has just spent this weekend showcasing its products at Grand Designs Live. Miele was showing off its newest range of kitchen appliances- the Generation 5000 range. If you haven't seen these yet, have a look because they are rather nice. They are even available with a titanium finish, which Miele have never used on any of their appliances before. The event is not quite over yet, but has taken place in Birmingham and Miele received positive reviews.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Miele Kitchen Appliances- Which? Best Domestic Appliance Brand

Miele has just won Which? Best Domestic Appliance Brand for the second year running. Miele kitchen appliances cost more than the average kitchen appliance, but the company insist that the extra cash is worth it for the quality of the product you receive. Miele’s motto has always been ‘immer besser,’ which literally translates as ‘always better’ or ‘forever better.’ The motto was conceived over 100 years ago by the founders and remains the company motto today
Miele kitchen appliances include washers and dryers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, vacuum cleaners, ovens, steam and microwaves, hobs, cooker hoods, coffee machines and ironing. All of which are made to a very high standard and are designed for longevity, which may make parting with some extra cash at the initial purchase seem like a good long term investment.
Miele's first products were a cream separator, butter churn, and tub washing machine, under the Meteor brand. Miele were the first company to manufacture an electric dishwasher, the first company to manufacture a fully automatic washing machine and they were also the first company to manufacture a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher to be controlled by microprocessors.
These days, Miele kitchen appliances are exported to many global markets and Miele is represented in 37 countries. The products are currently manufactured in Germany and the Czech Republic then shipped to one of the ten showrooms in the United States or one of any number of showrooms across the globe.
On 7th February of this year, Miele was presented with an award in Munich for being the most successful company in Germany last year (2007). In the Best Company category, Miele beat the previous year's winner Google, which placed second, and also Porsche, which came in at third.
Miele kitchen appliances have their main competition from other high specification kitchen appliance manufacturers such as Bosch who are known for their quality and innovative technology as seen in the Logixx range of washing machines and Siemens whose headquarters are also located in Germany, specifically in Berlin and Munich.
As well as domestic Miele kitchen appliances, the German company also manufacture commercial appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, rotary ironers, dishwashers, laboratory glassware washers, surgical instrument washers and dental instrument washers.
According to their website, all Miele kitchen appliances are designed to last for at least twenty years, are subjected to rigorous endurance testing as the product is being developed, go through an end line test before being passed on to quality control and are randomly checked against further quality criteria. So the process is quite long and strict in an attempt to provide a high quality product.
Miele kitchen appliances are available from a number of dealers, but the appliances have proved to be so popular that it is strongly recommended by Miele that if you want to visit the actual Miele experience centre then you should book in advance to avid disappointment. The experience centre is the one place that is not on the internet where you are able to see ALL of Miele’s products under one roof.
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Saturday, 5 July 2008


I have started this Blog to note my thoughts and experiences of Miele appliances. I have owned several and sold them in the past.

If you have any experiences or reviews please email me your comments.